Work Truck Magazine - March 2017

COVER STORY: * Preventive Maintenance Series: All About Tires & Electrical Systems *

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* Tire PMs: Low-Tech Solutions for Cost Control and Maximum Uptime (COVER STORY) - This series covers essential processes needed for effective preventative maintenance. Despite so many high-tech options on the market, fleets must remember tried-and-true methods for an effective tire program.

* Electrical Systems: Proactive Measures to Protect the Most Vulnerable System (COVER STORY) - In part two of our preventative maintenance series, tips for maintaining electrical systems are shared, including helpful tools and best practices for battery maintenance and replacement.

* Is your Electrical Maintenance Doing the Job? - Electrical problems will bring a truck to its knees, no matter how humble the source of the problem.  Prevention begins with proper maintenance.

* Knowing Your Fluids, Coolants & DEF - Fluids are critical for fleet health - are you current on your fluid knowledge?  How to make the right choices about and maintain coolant and fluid options are shared.

* Updated TRucks Keep Nonprofit's Fleet Costs Down - Idaho Youth Ranch has improved fleet efficiency through initiatives such as mobile technicians and electronic routing, as well as by adding new Kenworth T270 leased trucks to its fleet.

SPECIAL REPORT: Preparing for the ELD Mandate

* All About the ELD Mandate

* Top Questions about the ELD Mandate

* Taking Action: How to Comply in Time

* Directory of ELD Solution Providers

* ELD Solution Spotlight


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Work Truck Magazine - March 2017